Useful Addresses

Here we go, my first entries but I promise there will be lots more to come. If anyone knows of a business that can help those visiting or living in the area whose German “ist schlecht”, please do message me and let me know so I can include them. I don’t at this stage intend including bars and restaurants almost people seem to manage perfectly okay by pointing to things, gesticulating or drawing on the English abilities of people nearby, although I may do later on. Where the companies listed below have a website, you can go to it by clicking on the company name.

Disclaimer: Please note this list is for guidance purposes only and is not intended to provide recommendations or otherwise of any of the entities contained in it, and I do not offer any guarantees or warranties regarding the services offered by those entities. Whilst every attempt is taken to ensure the list is as accurate as possible, I do not provide any guarantees as to the correctness of information provided, and I would appreciate being informed of any errors or inaccuracies.


Notar Dr. Rochus Scholl – Schlossstrasse 34, 56856 Zell. Tel. 06542 4554. Email


Although they are in German, There are a few very good Internet search engines specifically for German property which are a great way locating suitable properties to match your specific criteria. The main ones are:




English speaking estate agents include the following:

Hollander Makler – Schlossstrasse 1, 56856 Zell. Tel. 06542 969 838


British Cheese Emporium – Sadly no longer trading

British Shopping (British foodstuffs via mail order)


Carsten Greiwe – Camphausenstr. 40, 45147 Essen. Tel. 0201 2790 6030. Email


Giovanni’s Appartements – Balduinstr. 59, 56856 Zell. Tel. 06542 901590. Email


Giovanni’s Ristorante Italiano – Balduinstr. 59, 56856 Zell. Tel. 06542 901590. Email

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