Autumn Colours In The Mosel


I am not a huge fan of Autumn as it signals in the coming of several colder, wetter months ahead as well as short days and long nights. But of course, the early part of Autumn does bring fabulous colors to the ever-changing landscape in the valley. This picture was taken from Zell Barl towards Zell and the road leading between the hills towards Hahn airport and Simmern.

Football Madness

Germans, like the Brits, are well known for its enthusiasm for football. However, this Borussia Dortmund supporter in Zell Kaimt takes his team loyalty to a whole new level.


I am not sure what the neighbours think of it, but tourists love it!

A Picture Paints A Thousand Words

I don’t know about you, but I love seeing old photos particularly when they are of things I can relate to. So you can guess how pleased I was to find a Facebook group dedicated to images from yesteryear for my new hometown of Zell.

The photo album of that group has plenty of interesting snapshots showing life in the town in days gone by, including some from the years leading up to the Second World War which may raise a few eyebrows but are still part of the rich and fascinating history of the region.

Click here to go to the group photo album to see what I mean. I will search around to see if I can find any similar groups or pages for other towns in the region.