Trainspotting in the Mosel

Here is a video I found on YouTube of some classic trains spotted a while back in Neef.

Unfortunately I’m not sure if this is a regular occurrence, but they would be an impressive sight chugging along by the river.

Get Germanized

I recently discovered a very interesting and useful YouTube channel called “Get Germanized”.

It is hosted by a young German lad with bags of enthusiasm who is clearly very keen to help us foreigners living in Germany. The channel has a great deal of content covering a wide range of interesting topics including things such as job hunting, his Grandfather’s World War II stories and typical German stereotypes. He even has some basic German language lessons which are pretty good for total beginners:

Please go take a look at his channel and give him a few thumbs up or nice comments as he really is trying to help make our lives here easier.

Marienburg In 1941

I love old pictures and movies as they evoke the atmosphere of days gone by in a way modern pictures simply miss.

This short clip which I found on YouTube shows the area around Marienburg which sits above Zell and Alf in 1941.

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