Burg Eltz – A Hidden Jewel

Burg Eltz is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful castles in Germany, if not worldwide. When you first see it nestled in its secluded valley, you immediately understand why.

There has been a castle on the site for over 850 years. Originally constructed to protect the Mosel-Maifeld-Eifel trade route, it incorporates remains of earlier Celtic and Roman fortifications.

Remarkably, the castle has remained in the ownership of the original family. Unlike many other castles from the period, it was never destroyed or abandoned. More recently, a programme of conservation and repair has been in place to preserve it for years to come.

In keeping with the stunning exterior, the castle also boasts splendid interiors. Colourful wall paintings and intricate carvings complement the antiques and artworks collected by the castle owners over the centuries.

The castle sits in the ancient Eltz Forest, a large section of which is now a nature reserve. There are excellent trails for hiking, horse riding and cycling. Visitors must adhere to these to protect the rare species of plants and animals that are present in the forest.

The castle is open daily from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm until 1 November 2018. Full details including entrance fees, directions, history, etc. are available at https://burg-eltz.de/en/

Farmer’s Market At The Ostrich Farm in Bengel

Just outside of the Mosel Valley between Alf and Wittlich is Klostermühle ostrich farm where a farmer’s market is being held this weekend.

I will (when I get round to it) be posting an article on this little place, but it  is worth a visit for the wonderful cafe, open countryside and of course the large feathered friends. There is also a Baroque church with a stunning interior just down the road too.

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