Bernkastel-Kues on the Mosel River– A Perfect Monday

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Let’s file this one under “How to Play Hooky–European Style.”

It’s a school day.  It’s a work day.  It’s a Monday.  But with a little inspiration, you pack your kids off to school, your husband takes the day off of work, you scoop up a friend who is visiting from the States, and Day Trip!   The perfect destination needs beautiful scenery and good wine–so off to Bernkastel-Kues on the Mosel River and surrounded by vineyards.

Too bad every Monday can’t be like this.






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While our previous post was all about the Rhine Valley, which was declared Unesco World Heritage, this post takes you to to nearby Mosel Valley. In our updates about Koblenz you’ve already read that the Mosel flows into the Rhine in this city. For our visit to the Mosel Valley, we headed away from Koblenz about 60 km, to our final destination Cochem and the surrounding towns.

Our first view of the river. Our first view of the river.

We stayed in a little village called Ney and took some small roads to the viewpont near Nörtershausen. On top of a steep little hill, you have a wonderfull view on the river and nearby villages. Afterwards we headed down and drove alongside the riverbanks up to Cochem, where we parked for a little stroll.

Our little traveling family! Our little traveling family!

Lovely towns along the way. Lovely towns along the way.

The banks of the river are surrounded by steep hills, which are mostly…

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When In The Mosel, Do As The Romans Did


It is a generally accepted fact that the Romans first planted the vineyards that we see today along the length of the Mosel, starting a tradition of wine making that has – apart from a little mechanisation – has changed relatively little over the centuries. Continue reading

Scenic Train Journey

The railway from Trier to Koblenz follows the river for large stretches of its length making for a very scenic journey. However, as you will see in this video, there are some stretches which will make even the strongest of us flinch with fear as the train ekes its way through some very tight spots!

So How Do I Get To The Mosel Valley?

The great thing about the Mosel valley is its accessibility. It is located close to the borders with Belgium and Luxembourg and the Netherlands is not much further either. That means getting here from those countries is a breeze, and for those driving from the United Kingdom, the French and Dutch ferry ports in France are only around three to four hours away which is not bad at all. Continue reading