Lost in Translation

We have all been to restaurants in touristy areas where the menu has some dubious translations. This one is from a nice place in my hometown, Zell, and I must admit I have never ordered either of these two dishes simply because I would not be able to keep a straight face!! I dread to think where the “cumcumbers” get inserted! So the moral of this story is, never trust Google Translate!

Lost In Translation

Ha ha ha what a day… I need to get a document translated and certified from English to German so I emailed a certified translator in Trier to ask whether they needed the original document immediately and how much it would cost.

Despite sending the email in English, their response came back in German, and my basic knowledge of the language told me my questions had remained unanswered.

So, I emailed the company back (in English) clearly reiterating my questions and requesting that due to my poor German skills I would prefer their reply to be in English.

So imagine my reaction when the reply came “Sehr geehrter Herr Wright. Bitte rufen Sie uns an” (please telephone us)! The real irony was their website is totally in English and proclaims they are able to translate to and from English. Maybe they want to charge me for translating their answers?!

I went elsewhere.

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