University Courses In English

Apparently Trier University now offers some courses which are entirely taught in English, namely:

  • Master of Science in Economcs – European Poltical Economy
  • Master of Science in Environmental Studies
  • International Economy and Public Policy

For more information, their website can be found by clicking here.

Sprechen Sie German?

I have absolutely no wish to insult the German population, but it has to be said the German language is not the simplest to learn. The grammar is notoriously complicated, and whilst the language is generally phonetic, the length of some of the words are so enormous that you almost need to draw breath half way through saying them.

Having studied French and Arabic previously, I must admit to finding German the most difficult of the lot. To exacerbate matters, I find in many situations that no matter how hard I try to speak German, I am often met with a giggle and a reply in excellent English. Me being me finds that a little patronising – on the one hand my German friends tell me it’d be great if I learned German, but on the other they find it easier to speak to me in English rather than endure me struggling to utter “Es tut mir leid aber ich spreche nur ein bisschen Deutsch” in a heavy East Midlands accent.

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