Sofas for Difficult Spaces

WP_20150130_004A couple of years ago, we had a bit of a disaster when we moved into our house and our advice may help many of you moving to the region to avoid the same stress.

Generally, houses in the Mosel have the living areas on the upper floors, with the ground floor being utility space (or for wine production). The reason for this is simple – the flood risk. That means your sitting room is likely to be on the first floor, accessed by a staircase with at least one bend in it. Our house has no fewer than four such staircases, three of which dog-leg back on themselves but with no half landing.

All fine and dandy I hear you cry, as such features add to the character of the property. We were of the same opinion – until our sofa (among other things) would not go up…! Continue reading “Sofas for Difficult Spaces”

Sofa Bed – Free To A Good Home

We still have this little foam flop out sofa bed which is surplus to our requirements. It is not really big enough to accommodate adults, but it is perfect for a kids’ room.

It is in good condition and if anyone wants to come and take it (sorry we cannot deliver), please send me message using the form below. It is located in Zell and the collection date / time will need to be by mutual arrangement as we are not always there. It should fit into most estate cars or maybe even into a larger hatchback.

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