NotfallQR – Quick Response in an Emergency


Now here’s a rather good idea – “Notfallqr” which in English means “Emergency qr”.

NotfallQR is a scheme where certain key details about yourself such as identity, emergency contact details, blood type, medical conditions, vehicle type and the like are stored in a central database. You are provided with key rings and car window stickers containing QR codes (basically square bar codes) and these codes are your unique identifier.

In the event of an emergency, the crews attending the scene can scan the QR codes to access your stored data. This means they can quickly and easily identify you, contact your next of kin, find out about any medical conditions you have and even (from the type of vehicle you drive) decide how to get your out of your car if you become trapped.

The service currently costs just €14.95 for a lifetime of cover, although I got mine free some time ago from the Sanicare online pharmacy as they were running a promotion. Further details are available here or you ask at your nearest pharmacy.

(Picture courtesy of the NotfallQR website)

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