I Could Lie Here All Day…

IMG_20170331_001521_761With that view, I could lie here 24/7 and watch the ever-changing landscape of the valley.

This picture was taken yesterday on the road from Reil towards Bengel and Wittlich. In the distance is Pünderich with Marionburg beyond.

I love how the shadows from the clouds darken the land below creating such a dramatic effect. I don’t know about you, but I find such scenery almost humbling.

From Little Streams Mighty Rivers Grow

A short while ago I posted a picture of the source of the Mosel in France where is but a mere trickle from a spring – amazing considering the size of the river running through Germany.

Well, this picture is one of the reasons why the river is so large. It is the river Ueßbach which joins the Alfbach just above the lovely town of Alf. The Alfbach is one of the numerous tributaries of the Mosel which constantly feed it from the surrounding hills, and as you can see it carries a fair amount of water through some lovely woodland scenery.

A lot of people just explore the Mosel valley, but you don’t have to go far up the hills to come across more stunning places and it is a great way of getting away from the bulk of the tourists in summer. So put on your boots and waterproofs and get out there – you won’t regret it!

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