A Quick Survey – Who’s Been To The Mosel Region?

Fast Connections To The Remotest Places

In many parts of the region, the quality of the internet service available is a bit of a hit and miss affair. When I was in my previous city in the industrial heartland of Germany, I enjoyed very reliable, high speed internet. However, now I, like many others, am forced to use a network which relies on cellular (mobile) rather than fibre optic cable technology. That is all fine and dandy if the cellular coverage is good, but it can never compare with a hard wired set up brought directly to your machine.

However, a village in northern Germany called Löwenstedt got really tired of the lack of decent service available to them so they decided to take action. No, not legal action – they in fact set about creating their very own internet service. It apparently was funded by the villagers who paid a sum of €999 to become shareholders, and the installation works were done by local (presumably voluntary) manpower. The result is apparently an internet capable of speeds that puts most of the big operators to shame.

In Germany, statistics show that only 18% of homes in rural areas have access to high speed areas! and given that most of the Mosel region is pretty rural I suspect many of us fall into that category. Plans were recently announced by the government to get proper high speed internet across the whole of Germany by 2018 but little detail was given to support how that target will be achieved, and the cynic in me suggests it will not only take much longer, it will not reach everyone. So in the meantime, maybe we should take the same initiative as Löwenstedt and create our own high speed network?

To read the full article click here.

And to see what internet services are available in your area click here (in German).

On a recent walk around Zell, we saw this growing on a plank of wood above a stream. Now that really is a lesson making enterprising use of a small space!!


So What’s The Attraction?

As you can see from my “Who Am I?” section, I am a Brit (yes, I can still call myself that now that the UK remains intact following yesterday’s referendum!) Germanophile currently trying to juggle a career in the Arab world with a life in the Mosel. I like to think that my situation is unique and that I am the only “foreigner” living in Zell. Yeah, I know that sounds selfish but the region is so special I would hate for it to get overrun with people wanting pie and chips and the Daily Mirror in the same way the Spanish Costas have. Thankfully, that is not likely to happen as the region is not known for being a haven for sun worshipers which is ironic as when the sun shine over the river, it really shines and the river offers aquatic activities on par with most seaside resorts!

Whilst it is no secret the region attracts tourists from many places both near and far (I regularly see cars from Sweden, Denmark, Italy and such places), there are also numerous folk who have – like me – decided it really a nice place to be. Most of those invest in holiday homes which gives them an income whilst also allowing them the opportunity to grab a weekend or more here and there to quaff the lovely local plonk, whilst others are living here either as retirees, workers or even business owners. Originally I bought my place in Zell as a base where I could escape the madness of the Middle East from time to time. Previously I had a flat in the industrial Ruhr region of Germany. That was okay, but not the kind of place I want to spend the rest of my life. So for now, I fly to my new ‘home’ as often as I can, and I am looking forward to the day when I can be permanently part of local life.

So what attracted me to this region in particular? Well, it is unquestionably an area of outstanding natural beauty offering so many leisure opportunities for everyone. Personally, my favourite activities are exploring the region on foot or by bike and discovering the numerous historic towns, villages and castles that the area is so abundantly blessed with. Luxembourg, Belgium and Holland are on the doorstep and other places are within easy reach. Then of course, there is the wine which really does speak for itself, and being in Germany, the beer is not half bad either! I am also a bit of a motorbike fan and the region attracts bikers from all over Europe seeking thrilling rides against a backdrop of thrilling scenery. Oh, and I almost forgot the river – boating and canoeing for starters? Yes please! But above all – and excuse me if this sounds corny – it is the people who are wonderfully friendly and welcoming.

If you have never visited the region, do so. You will not regret it. But shhh, keep it to yourself as we don’t want to spoil the place!

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