Adrenalin Rush at the Nürburgring

As much as I love the peace and tranquillity offered in most parts of the valley, there are times I fancy doing something crazy. Of course, the river offers plenty of scope for thrill junkies from water skiing to being dragged behind a boat at high speed on an inflatable sausage. Sadly, those things have limited appeal to people like me who were not blessed with water wings from an early age. Continue reading “Adrenalin Rush at the Nürburgring”

Messing About on the River

Now, this is something I really want to try this year with my son. I can imagine it is a superb way of seeing things from a new perspective, although coming up against one of the huge barges must be pretty humbling!

Has anyone tried canoeing or kayaking on the Mosel? Any advice for a total beginner would be welcomed.

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