Apps for Learning German

Here are a couple of screenshots from my ‘phone showing the apps which have been helping me on my German learning journey.

My favourites are Lingvist and Duolingo, both of which have free content. Speak and Translate costs a few Euros but is great as you can speak into it and it will translate what you have said.

Germans Struggling in English

Many German words can be a bit of a mouthful for foreigners to pronounce. Happily, we can take comfort from the fact that there are some English words that the Germans find challenging, as you will see in this video.

Tips for Learning a Foreign Language

Moving to a new country presents many challenges, not least of all is having to learn a foreign language. Even in countries where English is widely spoken, as a matter of courtesy you should at least make the effort to communicate with the locals in their native tongue.

I am English but for over twenty years have lived between the Middle East and Germany. Whilst I am by no means fluent, I get by at a basic level in Arabic and reasonably well in German. I want to share here my tips for language learning novices. Continue reading “Tips for Learning a Foreign Language”

From English To Denglish To Deutsch

Following on from my previous posting titled “Sprechen Sie German”, I just want to give a bit of an update on my journey along the rocky road to speaking Deutsch.

As pointed out in the aforementioned posting, German happens to be one rather complicated languages to learn. Sure, it is far more phonetic than say English or French and that does reduce the likelihood of certain errors, but the grammar is mind boggling to say the least and much of the vocabulary totally unfamiliar. Continue reading “From English To Denglish To Deutsch”

Sprechen Sie German? The Quest Continues…

I recently did a posting wherein I recommended some online German courses and an excellent app for iPads walled Duolingo. In my quest to increase my German knowledge and to help you guys along with it too, I have since discovered a website called “How To Learn German” which can be found here. Written by a 25 year old Danish guy, Peter, who speaks no fewer than five languages, this site offers plenty of no-nonsense advice on how to learn the language with limited resources. Continue reading “Sprechen Sie German? The Quest Continues…”

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