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I know this is not unique, but it always makes me chuckle. We stumbled upon this one in a quaint little town by the river, but unfortunately I cannot remember which one! For those who do not speak German, here is a translation:

Stone Dry = Sun

Stone Wet = Rain

Stone Moving = Storm

Stone fell Down = Earthquake

Stone Invisible = Fog

Stone White = Snow

Stone Under Water = High Water

German Men Sit Down To Pee

I mentioned in a previous blog posting a Kindle book I was reading and I promised to give an update on it once I had finished reading it so here we go…

The book is “German Men Sit Down To Pee And Other Insights Into German Culture” and as you will guess from that, it is a jovial look at the Germans and their unique ways. It is written by James Cave, a well travelled Irishman with experience of German life, and Niklas Frank, a German who is experienced in dealing with bewildered expats.

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