Holiday Apartments and Italian Restaurant in Zell


Personally I have not stayed in these apartments but they come highly recommended by a good friend, and judging by the website (link on my Useful Addresses page) they look very stylish and comfortable indeed. Sadly the website (which is here) is only in German but the young owners do speak several languages including German, Italian and English.

I have tried their Italian restaurant and the food was extremely good, being cooked by Giovanni, a native Italian, himself. Booking is advised as it can get quite busy.

Cruising Down The River

I was just going through my photos and I found this picture which I took from the Collisturm above Zell and it got me thinking….

As much as I love all things boating, having done a bit of sailing and power boating in the past, sea cruises never appealed to me no matter how luxurious they are. The thought of being stuck on a massive ship for days on end and only getting a few hours free time at each port is not my idea of a holiday. And whilst fans of such trips will argue that these cruise liners have great facilities, I really cannot see the point of being confined to a boat to use a swimming pool, watch a movie in a cinema or go to a bar!

In contrast, the idea of a few days on one of the hotel barges that cruise up and down the Mosel and Rhine does interest me. The feeling of tranquility and relaxation coupled with a constantly changing backdrop ticks all the right boxes, and I like the fact that each day there is a new town or city to explore. Maybe next year….

Have any of you take a river cruise before? If so, how was it?

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