Where have I been?

Sorry for not posting for a while, but I have been super busy with other projects all of which relate to a house move, wedding and a major career change.

Unfortunately, my schedule is not likely to improve for the foreseeable future, although I will try and post some interesting tidbits periodically as and when I can. However, please bear with me as I will be studying in the UK for six weeks soon, and in Summer I will be in the USA getting married.

Bis zum nächsten Mal!


Traben Trarbach in 1941

I am always interested to see things depicting the Mosel towns and villages in days gone by.

Here is some footage of Traben Trarbach dating back to 1941. You’ll see a couple of Swastikas and the old iron bridge that was destroyed during WWII, so it hasn’t always been as peaceful as it is now!

Validity of UK Driving Licenses Post-Brexit

If you hold a UK driving license and are driving in Germany or elsewhere in Europe, please be aware that post Brexit, your license may no longer be valid here without an International Driving Permit (IDP).

Previously, it was possible to obtain them by post through the AA (Automobile Association), at some of their shops or at selected UK Post Offices. Of course, in its usual awkward fashion, the UK government is changing the rules from the end of this month and IDPs will no longer be available by post. Great…

If you are in this situation, I strongly suggest you read the following page on the AA website which gives full details of what is changing and what could happen in the event of the dreaded ”no deal”: https://www.theaa.com/driving-advice/driving-abroad/apply-for-an-idp-at-a-post-office

Brexit Uncertainty – Further Info

I follow a chap on Twitter who posted a link to an interesting website for an organisation called called ‘British in Germany’.

On there is a very useful Brexit ‘No Deal Checklist’. This contains details and guidance on a number of aspects which those of us living here need consider in order to soften the impact of a ‘no deal’ scenario.

This link will take you directly to the checklist: https://britishingermany.org/no-deal-checklist/

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