TV Dinners Aldi Style

I recently discovered that the supermarket chain Aldi does a range of chilled as opposed to frozen ready meals (“Fertiggerichte”) which you just bung in the microwave for a few minutes and hey presto, dinner is served.


I know these thing are nothing new – we Brits were the pioneers of TV dinners – but what sets them apart is that each day a number of different options is offered and the portions are enough even for a larger size bloke like me. For me, they are quick, convenient, filling but above all, usually typically German. Oh, and the price is really good too. The selection changes on a very regular basis. The picture shows gammon (“Kasseler”) and sausages which was very tasty indeed, although I did add the mustard myself! Other typical dishes include kale stew (“Gruenkohl”), roast pork or turkey as well as the more regular dishes such as pasta and Bratwurst.

Dining with dogs (Reblogged from Spoonfuls of Germany)

It was not the response I expected: Years ago when I still lived in Germany, I took a Canadian friend who was visiting me in Frankfurt to a restaurant highly regarded for its German cuisine. I was glad I had made a reservation, it was Sunday evening and the restaurant was packed. My Canadian friend, […]

Please note this is a reblog from Spoonfuls of Germany, which is a great site and I do recommend you check it out.