Validity of UK Driving Licenses Post-Brexit

If you hold a UK driving license and are driving in Germany or elsewhere in Europe, please be aware that post Brexit, your license may no longer be valid here without an International Driving Permit (IDP).

Previously, it was possible to obtain them by post through the AA (Automobile Association), at some of their shops or at selected UK Post Offices. Of course, in its usual awkward fashion, the UK government is changing the rules from the end of this month and IDPs will no longer be available by post. Great…

If you are in this situation, I strongly suggest you read the following page on the AA website which gives full details of what is changing and what could happen in the event of the dreaded ”no deal”:

German State Pensions

I was surfing the web a while ago when I stumbled upon the German Pensions (Deutsche Rentenversicherung) website. Pleasingly, it contains useful downloadable brochures in English and six other languages on State pensions for EU and non-EU citizens.

Of course, for those Brits amongst us everything in that respect is up in the air now. However, the website does at least it give an overview on how things currently work, and we can get an idea of what the rules might be following the worst case Brexit scenario.

The website can be found here and the downloadable brochures here.

“Brexit” Referendum

Well, Europe waits in anticipation as Britain goes to what must the most important poll in history – the referendum on whether to stay in Europe or not.

I am not going to go all political here as my opinions in this respect are very personal to me, and besides I am unfortunately (and annoyingly) not allowed to vote as I have not been resident in Britain for a long time.

However, I do urge those who are eligible to vote to make sure they do so, and to use that vote wisely without being swayed by the utter garbage that much of the press and even public figures have been broadcasting lately. Vote with your head, not with your feet…

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