A Sad Time For Cheese Lovers

It is with a heavy heart that I have to inform you that the British Cheese Emporium has recently closed down for good. It is a tremendous and sad loss as they used to sell incredible cheeses and other goodies which are impossible to find elsewhere in Germany.

I want to thank the owner, Sally, for the great service she provided in the past and I wish her well in her future endeavours.

The German Cream Cheese Phenomenon

Here is an interesting blog post from The Diary of Sugar and Spice on the German love of cream cheese. Lecker!

The Diary of Sugar and Spice

Yes. Cheese. Specifically Cream Cheese. Just work with me here…

To me, cream cheese is typically in the All-American household. We obviously are known for loving bagels and we all know that bagels are just NO BUENO without a big old glob of cream cheese on it. Besides the bagel situation, I was always a big cream cheese and jelly fan (mom can attest to that!) Its good for cooking as well. Some use it in sauces to thicken it and make it creamy and of course we can’t forget my birthday cake, chocolate chip cheesecake!!!

I actually don’t even know why I’m talking about this when I’m doing this special diet that does NOT allow any kind of cream cheese.

In Germany, cream cheese, known as frischkäse, is used as a spread on sandwiches among a few other things. I used to LOVE picking out a new flavor at…

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Now For Something Rather Cheesy

Great news peeps – the British Cheese Emporium has now re-opened its online shop, bringing the finest cheeses the British Isles has to offer right to your door.

I was really sad when they suspended operations previously as they were very unique in the service they offered and very professional too. They had a superb, continually changing selection of artisan cheeses from around the UK, many of which I never knew existed but I was never disappointed. And not forgetting an impressive selection of biscuits (forget Cream Crackers and Tuc, we are talking quality nibbles here) and accessories to serve the cheese with the elegance it deserves. I am very confident the range and service offered by the re-opened webshop will be first class just as it was before.
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