Cruising down the Mosel

Of course, no trip to the Mosel is complete without a river cruise. It is arguably the best way to see the countryside from a different perspective. Unlike trips over land, on the river you get to see both banks at the same time! And I can guarantee there is something to make you “ooh”, “ah” or even gasp on every slow bend of the river, be it a stunning town, dramatic fortress or just another amazing vista.

InstagramCapture_ea092baf-7a05-49b3-80f2-d462a7d8ac10Tours are available which last from a few hours to several days if you take in the Rhine too. The longer trips take place on board the impressive floating hotel ships. Or why not a romantic evening dinner cruise watching the sunset over the vineyards? And if you are feeling really adventurous, try renting your own holiday boat. Trust me, there are so many options to suit all tastes and budgets.

Here is a flavour of what you can expect on a trip down the river:

37th International Powerboat Race / 37 Internationale Motorbootrennen

For something a little different head over to Traben Trarbach on 9th and 10th June because the 37th international “Motorbootrennen” (powerboat race) is taking place.

Racing teams from around the world will be competing over the weekend in various races, plus of course, there will be practice sessions taking place also. You will be amazed at the speeds these boats reach and how agile they are as they skim across the surface of the water.

The event is free for spectators and the programme is available on the event website (sadly only in German so you will need to use Google Translate) which can be found here. On there is a map showing the location of the event and parking arrangements, plus the programme.

Mosel Monsters

Unfortunately in Britain our network of waterways are no longer used for commercial purposes, instead they are overrun with rental boats and people looking for a slower pace of life which is ironic as everything is becoming do congested.

However, in mainland Europe the rivers and canals remain an important network for internal transport of goods, with huge barges like the one in this video a very common sight. This one was spotted in Zell recently as it headed upstream from the Rhine.

The Mosel Valley – An Article From The Great Motorhomenews Blog


I lived in the Midlands for over twenty years and during that time became absorbed with the UK canal system and narrowboats in general. They were but one of the driving forces behind the industrial revolution and after years of pain and neglect are now an important part of our tourist and leisure industries. I lived near the Hatton Locks flight in Warwick and today one of my long list of favourite CLs is in Leighton Buzzard next to a narrowboat marina – and an excellent pub.

Here on the Mosel, locks and barges are an altogether bigger proposition with some fantastic design and engineering deployed.

I guess my next step up is to visit the Suez and Panama canals!

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