Shiver Me Timbers


I have always been a big fan of ancient timber framed buildings as like fine wine, they improve and develop a unique character as they age.

Living in Germany, one really is spoiled for choice with fine examples to be found across the country. Many of these ancient buildings are skillfully and intricately decorated with carvings which give us a unique peek into the history not only of the building, but also the lives of the people who lived there at the time.

The above carving is on the Altes Fährhaus (I haven’t a clue what that means) dating from 1621 in the lovely town of Pünderich. This building is particularly richly decorated, and the town is well worth a visit as it has numerous other splendid examples of such buildings in a tranquil setting by the river.

If you look carefully at the image, you can actually see two characters – one of a grumpy bearded man, and the other a rather surprised looking woman.

When I Win The Lotto….

image I recently saw this place in Traben Trarbach. It is a crying shame seeing such places in an advanced state of decay, and even sadder that it is often wrongly considered more cost effective to demolish and build new rather than renovate. This one has some superb architectural details and was clearly a building of notable standing in its day. So if anyone has a spare million, I would happily take it and save this jewel…!