Guesthouse in Cochem

We were walking through Cochem and spotted this strange little glass box built into the wall of a building on the side of a street. As you can see, it is a rather cute little doll’s house style bedroom. Upon closer inspection, I realised it was a novel advertisement for the Zum Fröhlichen Weinberg, a guest house on Schlaufstraße 11 – 13.

Usually, I would not say too much about any guesthouse I have not stayed in, but their “advert” stood out to me as being quite unusual so I decided to investigate further. Their website is in German, but it does explain that they have a variety of room types. All rooms have private bathrooms, whilst some also have private balconies, patios or kitchenettes. A single room and a couple of larger apartments are also available. All rooms look bright and cheery from the photographs. Oh, and they also have garage space available for a small charge, useful given Cochem gets very busy in summer.

Further delving on the internet also revealed that a mother and daughter team run the place. Apparently mum speaks very little English but daughter speaks it quite well. So it should not be too challenging for non-German speaking visitors.

The place has great reviews on Tripadvisor which in my eyes is usually a good thing.

Discover more about Zum Fröhlichen Weinberg (in German so run it through Google!)

Days Out In and Around the Mosel – Nürburgring

As much as I love the peace and tranquillity offered in most parts of the Mosel valley, there are times I fancy doing something crazy. Of course, the river offers plenty of scope for thrill junkies from water skiing to being dragged behind a boat at high speed on an inflatable sausage. Sadly, those things have limited appeal to people like me who were not blessed with water wings from an early age. Continue reading “Days Out In and Around the Mosel – Nürburgring”

Cruising down the Mosel

Of course, no trip to the Mosel is complete without a river cruise. It is arguably the best way to see the countryside from a different perspective.

Unlike trips over land, on the river you get to see both banks at the same time. I can guarantee there is something to make you “ooh”, “ah” or gasp on every slow bend of the river, be it a stunning town, dramatic fortress or just another amazing vista. Continue reading “Cruising down the Mosel”

Ice Skating on the Mosel?

This summer has been an absolute scorcher, and er must hope that winter does not end up being the complete opposite. Unless it is like back in 1997 when this happened:

Whilst the idea of being able to skate across the river sounds fun, melting ice invariable brings a greater risk of flooding as well as causing considerable damage to the banks. Therefore, let’s keep our fingers crossed (or for my German readers, thumbs pressed) that we only get an average winter.

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