Zeller Lange Tafel (Zell Long Table)

On Saturday 20th July from 11am, the 2018 Zell Long Table (”Zeller Lange Tafel”) kicks off.

As the name suggests, a 400 metre long table runs the entire length of Balduinstraße (which is the main shopping street of the town) at which local cafes, bars, restaurants and even shops serve up various food specialities and of course copious amounts of local wine.

A host of events take place throughout the day. Of course, most will be in German, but the people are friendly and the atmosphere is great. The programme is as follows:

11am – Official opening.

12am – Tour for children followed by spaghetti making and painting competition. Meeting point is the Schwartze Katz fountain. Ends at around 2pm.

5pm & 7pm – Performances of the play ”Zeller Schwarze Katz” by the laymen of the town hall. The play (in German but still entertaining) tells the story of how the town’s wine was named.

10pm – Lantern walk and cellar tour of the Zeller Kelterhaus. Meeting point at the Schwartze Katz fountain.

There will also be live and disco music.

Brexit – Still a Good Idea?

A while ago I did a brief poll on whether my readers thought the United Kingdom should vote to come out of the Europen Union or not. The referendum result was marginally in favour of exiting, but the turmoil which followed and allegations that the public was grossly misinformed are leading to many changing their minds.

What do you now think?

Finding English-Speaking Doctors, Dentists and Opticians

One of the most daunting aspects when coming to live in Germany is what to do when medical problems occur.

I am often asked how to go about finding an English-speaking doctor, dentist or optician. I plan on doing a full article on this subject in the future, but for now I want to share my experiences since being here. One of the biggest myths about Germany is that everyone speaks English. A bigger myth is that all professionals speak it fluently. Whilst these myths may be true in large cosmopolitan cities, it isn’t the case in other ‘lesser’ areas. Continue reading “Finding English-Speaking Doctors, Dentists and Opticians”

Paragliding – Who’s Up For It?

This is one sport that seems to be very popular in the area, and during the recent superb weather we spotted quite a number of paragliders soaring above the river. What a great view they must have, and once you get over the initial fear of being at the mercy of a big piece of cloth and a few ropes I expect the adrenalin rush must be incredible.

Has anyone tried it? I could be persuaded and my son is keen to have a go, but my fiancé possibly could be convinced.

Wacky Races

We saw several of these strange motorbike things in Zell some time back. I am fascinated as to what happens when they come to a halt – are they self balancing or does the driver have to stick his feet out Wacky Races style to stop the thing toppling over?!

Football Madness

Germans, like the Brits, are well known for their enthusiasm for football. However, this Borussia Dortmund supporter in Zell Kaimt takes his team loyalty to a whole new level.


I am not sure what the neighbours think of it, but tourists love it!

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