Validity of UK Driving Licenses Post-Brexit

If you hold a UK driving license and are driving in Germany or elsewhere in Europe, please be aware that post Brexit, your license may no longer be valid here without an International Driving Permit (IDP).

Previously, it was possible to obtain them by post through the AA (Automobile Association), at some of their shops or at selected UK Post Offices. Of course, in its usual awkward fashion, the UK government is changing the rules from the end of this month and IDPs will no longer be available by post. Great…

If you are in this situation, I strongly suggest you read the following page on the AA website which gives full details of what is changing and what could happen in the event of the dreaded ”no deal”:

Brexit Uncertainty – Further Info

I follow a chap on Twitter who posted a link to an interesting website for an organisation called called ‘British in Germany’.

On there is a very useful Brexit ‘No Deal Checklist’. This contains details and guidance on a number of aspects which those of us living here need consider in order to soften the impact of a ‘no deal’ scenario.

This link will take you directly to the checklist:

German Men Sit Down to Pee

I mentioned in a previous blog posting a Kindle book I was reading and I promised to give an update on it once I had finished reading it so here we go…

The book is “German Men Sit Down To Pee And Other Insights Into German Culture” and as you will guess from that, it is a jovial look at the Germans and their unique ways. It is written by James Cave, a well travelled Irishman with experience of German life, and Niklas Frank, a German who is experienced in dealing with bewildered expats.

Continue reading “German Men Sit Down to Pee”

Online German Property Searches

In response to a growing number of messages I am receiving asking about how to go about finding properties in the area, I can recommend the following web search engines:

Unfortunately, they are in German but it is easy enough to find your way around them using a dictionary, or for those who really cannot be bothered, by running them through an online translator such as the one available on Google Chrome.

I am working on doing a full article which will include common terminology and other bits of advice on finding property. I will publish that as soon as I can.

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