German Men Sit Down to Pee

I mentioned in a previous blog posting a Kindle book I was reading and I promised to give an update on it once I had finished reading it so here we go…

The book is “German Men Sit Down To Pee And Other Insights Into German Culture” and as you will guess from that, it is a jovial look at the Germans and their unique ways. It is written by James Cave, a well travelled Irishman with experience of German life, and Niklas Frank, a German who is experienced in dealing with bewildered expats.

The authors give a very frank but humorous view of all aspects of German culture likely to affect a non-German. Each chapter is dedicated to an individual aspect of daily life here such as work, socialising, shopping – even sex and romance! Best of all, whilst being a very funny read, it really does actually give the reader great advice at the same time, so if you are thinking of coming to Germany this book will actually help to ease culture shock and give you a giggle at the same time. And even those who already live or have lived here, it will make you laugh simply because you will be able to relate to it all as it jogs fond memories of when you were publicly humiliated for crossing the road on the red Ampelmann or the time when you had to go without dinner because you forgot that most of Germany is closed on Sunday.

One important aspect for me is whilst the book is witty and light-hearted, it is not condescending and I think it would even make the Germans themselves laugh as much as non-Germans. I have read several other books which purport to offer a similar view of the country and its people, but to be honest most have left me feeling strangely annoyed at how they just repeat the usual German stereotypes which are invariably nonsense. In contrast, this book just made me laugh and say to myself “yup, I can relate to that one hundred percent!” or “I wish I knew that before I came”.

So all in all, a thoroughly good read. You can get a copy by heading over to the Kindle store on Amazon or by clicking here.

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  1. Funny post, brought back memories… We got up close & personal with so many unique traits of the German culture, explained a lot of traits in my family. Certainly was a very fun and memorable trip! I had to go get the book and get to know them better.


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