Mini Hot Rod Tours

Now here’s something which looks awesome fun – mini hot rod tours.

The tours involve whizzing around the Mosel valley or the famous Nürburgring racetrack in rather cool single seater cars. Styled like classic American hot rods, these cars are, as you can see from the picture, rather cool.

The vital statistics for these pocket-sized beasts are as follows:

  • Length 210 cm / width 112 cm / height 81 cm
  • Engine capacity – 170 cc
  • Transmission – Automatic
  • Power – 13.6 PS / 10 KW
  • Maximum speed – 88 km/h

Whilst all that doesn’t look much on paper, their size and proximity to the ground mean they feel like proper sports cars.

Of course, the vehicles are fully road legal with all the necessary safety equipment, registration, etc. To drive one you will need a valid full driving licence, either a German one or a foreign one accompanied by an International Driving Permit. Sorry kiddywinks, this fun is just for the grownups.

The company, Hotrod Tours, have a number of stations in Germany, with Koblenz and Adenau being closest to the Mosel region. From Koblenz station, you can choose from two tours of the Mosel – the two hours “Vineyard Tour” or the “Favourite Places” which is a whopping four hours. The Adenau station one has two tours at the world famous Nürburgring – the “Green-Hell-Tour” (1.5 hours) and the “Rod am Ring” (2 hours).

For full details of the tours and booking/contact information, please visit

(Photo courtesy of the Hotrod Tours website)

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