Useful Addresses

You may or may not have noticed it, but I have a page titled “Useful Addresses” on this blog. I am developing this page to create a kind of businesses directory of companies and organisations in the area able to help those who speak little or no German.

It would really help me if people could let me know of any businesses that they are aware of in the area with a good knowledge of English. They can be anything – car mechanics, butcher shops, florists, plumbers, hairdressers, etc. I am not so interested in bars as most people manage to order drinks okay. Also, larger supermarkets are usually self-explanatory and don’t present a problem for non-German speakers.

If you have any suggestions, please do let me know using the form below. Please note that I have deliberately not asked for any of your personal information (name, email, etc.) due to the new data protection laws.

By the way, the format of the Useful Addresses page is only temporary. In time, I plan on making it much more user-friendly, and perhaps searchable if WordPress allows me.

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