Advice for Intensive Motorbike Courses in English

I need some advice. Or rather, I have a plea for help. I am looking for a driving school that runs intensive motorbike courses in English.

I have not had a huge amount of luck in my search so far, and it is looking like I may have to go to somewhere like Frankfurt or Munich to do it, but I want that to be the last resort.

I know from experience that going through the motions of getting a German licence from scratch can be rather frustrating – I had tried regular motorbike lessons when I lived in Essen at a school which purported to speak English but in reality, the guy doing the theory spoke about as much English as I did German. Of course, my German skills have improved quite a bit since, but I am still far from the level where I could comfortably survive the theory and practical lessons in anything other than English.

So if any of you know of any schools locally that can help, I would really appreciate hearing from you. Below is a contact form so that you may message me privately, otherwise a regular comment on this post would be just fine.


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