Statistics can be Interesting

I am not a huge fan of statistics as no matter how factual they are, and if read out of context they can be misleading also.

However, I stumbled across an interesting website called “German Food Guide”. This quotes figures which made me appreciate more the scale of wine production in the region.

I quote the following from that site:

Germany’s fifth largest wine region
22,217 acres (8,991 hectares)
5,258 wineries in 125 towns

And now for the really good bit:

22,190,448 gallons (840,000 hectoliters) of wine are produced annually in the Mosel region … This accounts for 9% of the volume from Germany’s entire wine region

That is a lot of plonk, right? And that is great for us as it means there is plenty to go round!

The website is clearly run by people with a real passion for German food and drink, plus it has some great recipes categorised by region.

Learn more about the German Food Guide.

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