Healthcare in Germany

Moving abroad is a massive step. Numerous worries cross our minds ranging from whether our lack of the native language really will be a barrier through to seemingly trivial things like are decent tea bags available? However, one of the biggest and most important concerns is what are the healthcare arrangements in case of sickness or injury?

This is a complex subject which I won’t even try to cover in depth here as numerous factors such as nationality, salary and employment status are involved. Even if you are from another European state, it will not necessarily be so familiar – I am British and found that the German health care system is organised and administered very differently to the British National Health Service.

Luckily, “How To Germany” have a page on their website titled “Health Insurance Options in Germany – 2018” giving good explanations of how the German healthcare system works, including translations of common German words used in the industry. A similar website, “Live Work Germany” also just published a webpage giving good comparisons between the German system versus what is offered in the UK and USA.


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