Excuse Me Sir, Your Sausage is Poking Out…!

I don’t know about you, but the Germans do serve some dishes in such a way that makes it impossible not to chuckle.  In Britain, we say it is impossible to eat a sugared doughnut without licking your lips. In Germany, the corresponding challenge is to eat a huge Bratwurst served in the smallest of bread rolls without laughing.

The dish in the picture which ate once in Zell also made me chuckle. It is basically a very hearty pea soup (Erbseneintopf). I have had it many times before but with the sausage chopped up and mixed in. However in Zell, to the amusement of both myself and all passers-by, it arrived with two large sausages poking out of the bowl!

Who needs fancy parsley garnishes or croutons when a dishes get served as magnificently as this?

Joking aside, try Erbseneintopf – it is delicious.

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