Novel Solution to Slow Internet

To say the speed of the internet available in many parts of the Mosel region is slow is an understatement.

When I lived in one of the bigger West German cities, I enjoyed reliable, pretty fast internet. That has never been the case during my four years in the Mosel, where high-speed DSL seems to be a luxury available only to people in cities such as Koblenz and Trier. The rest of us have to suffice with slow cable connections or cellular (mobile) data which does not work well if you are surrounded by hills and other buildings.

A similar situation existed for the folk of Löwenstedt, a village close to the Danish border in the far north of Germany. Back in 2014, the villagers got sick of the poor internet service available to them so they decided to take action. No, not legal action – instead, they set about creating their very own internet service.

The system they created was funded by the villagers, each paying €999 to become shareholders. Installation was undertaken by local (presumably voluntary) manpower. As a result, the village now enjoys an internet service with speeds putting the big operators to shame.

At that time, statistics showed that only 18% of German homes in rural areas had access to high-speed internet. I don’t know what the current statistics are, but I suspect many of those rural regions are still poorly served, the Mosel being one of them. Plans were announced by the government back then promising proper high-speed internet across the whole of Germany by 2018. You can judge for yourself as to whether that target was achieved.

Annoying, advertisements of most operators promise claim speeds ranging from 16Mbit/s to 100Mbit/s or more. However, when you check with them what is available to you, it is quite often only 16Mbit/s, and in my experience, even that is rarely achieved.

Maybe we Mosel folk should be taking the same initiative as Löwenstedt and creating our own high-speed network?

Read the full article here.

Discover what internet services are available in your area (in German). On the website, select “Verfügbarkeitscheck starten” for each operator. This will take you to a form where you fill in your address after which you will be told what speeds they can offer you.

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