Learning German in a Teacher’s Home

Some of you may recall back in August 2016 I embarked on an intensive German language learning home tuition experience with Sprachinstitut Treffpunkt-Online in the beautiful Bavarian city of Bamberg. There I spent two weeks living in the beautiful home of my native host teacher doing one-on-one lessons all day, Monday to Friday as well as going on leisure activities with my hosts at weekends.

german-home-tuition-imp16The ethos at Treffpunkt-Online is total immersion which I found remarkably challenging at the beginning. However, following a bit of a meltdown on the second day, both my teacher, Alexandra, and her husband Joachim rallied round and made me realise I was doing great and making excellent progress. From that point forward my confidence increased and things felt as if they were becoming much easier.

For me, the most important thing about the course was the ability to customise the content to my requirements. Personally, I cannot stand those condescending and rather juvenile books which most language schools use. Instead, Alexandra quizzed me about my interests and aims, tested my current abilities and then carefully gathered materials from several sources. The result was an extremely enjoyable learning experience which felt totally relevant to me.

To break up the week for both myself and Alexandra, I also had another teacher, Marion. She is a linguistics specialist at Bamberg University and came to help me improve my pronunciation. That was very useful indeed, as I find group courses place insufficient emphasis on that important aspect of the language meaning bad speaking habits become ingrained. Marion also taught me some unusual but great memory retention and concentration techniques, both of which I usually lack.

Joachim cooked most of the meals which were simply amazing and I never went hungry despite my voracious appetite. We did eat out at nearby restaurants on a couple of occasions, but always at ones serving typical local and regional dishes.

The school is in the university city of Bamberg in northern Bavaria and is famous for its stunning Baroque architecture, numerous breweries and “Rauchbier” (smoked beer). It is surrounded by beautiful countryside which we explored on a long hike at the weekend. During my stay, I was also privileged enough to attend the wedding reception Heidi and Ulli, friends of Alex and Joachim. That gave me an excellent opportunity to practice what I had learnt with a very mixed crowd of people, although copious amounts of beer did help ease my inhibitions in that respect. I also got to attend the world famous “Sandkerwa” festival which was underway just before I left – very crowded but full nonetheless. There was never a dull moment.

On paper, the course does not look cheap. However, it offers extremely good value when you consider it includes lodging in a comfortable home, tasty meals (full or half board depending on the chosen options), tailored one-to-one lessons with experienced teachers plus great leisure activities. Above all, you will leave with vastly improved German skills and a huge sense of achievement. In fact, the results speak for themselves – the day I arrived home I was having conversations with elderly neighbours that lasted far beyond talking about the weather, and many people since noticed a marked improvement in my understanding and use of the language. Most importantly, I noticed that after the course I was thinking in German as opposed to thinking in English and translating to German. The only downside of that was there were times shortly afterwards when Deutsch came out when I was trying to say something in English!

So, do I recommend the course? One hundred percent, especially if you are serious about raising the level of your German quickly. Being one-to-one means you have the teacher’s full attention the entire time unlike in group lessons, but it was always fun. Alexandra once established another language school in the city and still has close ties to it, so I did get to meet other students, the new owners and many of the teachers. Incidentally, I also did a course at that school later in the year and I will write a mini-review of that shortly.

A link to the school website can be found here. On there are full details and downloadable brochures of their adult and junior programmes as well as their Skype lessons. Also on offer are courses for business, exam preparation, job applications not to mention the “German +” courses which include things such as cycling, horse riding, beer tasting and many more.

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  1. Hi, love reading your posts btw. but just wondered which course did you opt for, I am really interested. I have a house in a village just outside of Cochem but definitely need to improve my pigeon German.


    1. Hi Lorraine.

      Thanks for your comment and I am glad you like my posts.

      I basically did a super-intensive course of 38 lessons per week for two weeks. The morning lessons focussed mostly on grammar, vocab and application of both. In the afternoons, I chose to focus more closely on grammar and pronunciation as those were my weak areas. The course was pretty intense but great fun at the same time. I suggest you give Alexandra Von Rohr a call next time you are in Germany and discuss your requirements with her. She will be able to suggest the best combination of studies for you. She was actually my host teacher also. I really enjoyed my time in Bamberg and met some great people along the way.



  2. dear Simon, thank you for sharing your experience! I would love to learn german but I never thought of doing it with home tuition, to be honest it would scary me a bit… however, after reading your experience, it might be an option 🙂 regards from Lisbon, PedroL

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    1. Thank you for your kind words Pedrol and I am happy you found my experiences useful. For me, organised group lessons were not particularly successful, and that is why I chose the home tuition option. It was a little pricey, but I learned more in 2 weeks on that method than I did in 6 weeks of group classes.

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      1. aaaaah, that´s true, in fact if it happened, I think you have saved some money in the end, as you didn´t need so many weeks to get all the information, right? eheh regards, PedroL

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      2. I am not sure if I saved in the long run, but the learning was accelerated and, more importantly for me, I was able to tailor the content of the learning to my needs and interests, something which group classes don’t do.

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