Adventure Forest Climbing Park

My son has loved climbing ever since he was little. Even now at the age of 18, he cannot resist those climbing walls you see around. So, imagine his (and my) delight when we discovered a superb climbing park located in a woodland above Traben Trarbach.

Man preparing to zip line
Man preparing to zip line

Claiming to be one of the largest of its kind in Europe, Adventure Forest sits amongst the ruins of an ancient fortress, Mont Royal. The park has many activities to keep everyone busy for hours, including fourteen trails with over two hundred climbing elements, a thrilling canopy trail with zip-lines, as well as team building areas. There is a games course for non-climbers and younger visitors, plus snacks and beverages are offered on a roof terrace.

The trails offer something for everyone, and for simplicity are colour coded based on difficulty level. They include:

  • Children’s Trails (“Kinderparcours”). Easy elements up to 2 metres above the ground. These trails are suitable for children, beginners or people just scared of heights.
  • Beginner’s Trails (“Einsteigerparcours”). Light trails suitable for beginners or the less athletic. Heights start at 1.5 metres above the ground rising gently to 6 metres. You can leave the trails either by staircase or, more excitingly, by zip-line.
  • Gourmet Trails (“Genießerparcours”). Slightly more difficult trails requiring technical ability and coordination more than strength. Heights vary from 6 to 9 metres.
  • Fun Trails (“Funparcours”). More sophisticated trails which include a suspension bridge.
  • Professional Trail and Giant Slide (“Profiparcours und Riesenrutsche”). As the names suggest, these challenging trails are only for the more experienced, daring visitors.
  • Iron Man Trails (“IronMan-Parcours”). Trails designed to challenge professionals to their limits.
  • Strong Man Trail (“StrongMan-Parcours”). The toughest trail in the park.

The Canopy Trail is awesome. The first of its kind in Europe, it draws inspiration from the ones in North and South America. Recognized as an innovation by the EU and the state of Rhineland-Palatinate within the framework of the LEADER funding program, it is a real asset to the region. It comprises twenty-seven zip-lines strung between eighty platforms allowing you to ‘fly’ from tree-to-tree for over 1.5 kilometres through the forest. Due to its complexity, the Canopy Trail is only suitable for visitors aged from 14 years weighing at least 50 kg.

Climbing couple

Of course, the park places a huge emphasis on visitor safety. Regular TÜV tests are conducted along with daily equipment inspections. Before being allowed onto any of the courses, participants must attend a compulsory safety briefing which includes instruction on the handling of the safety equipment. These are conducted by trained instructors in either German, English, French and Dutch. To ensure that instructors are available in your language, the park suggests you inform them in advance of your visit. However, they did also tell me that even if you forget to do that, there is usually an English speaker on duty, particularly at the weekends.

Opening times of the park are as follows:

  • 22nd June to 26th August and 29th September to 28th October – daily from 11 am to 6 pm or dusk (whichever is sooner).
  • All other times – 11 am to 6 pm Friday to Sunday and public holidays.
  • Last admission is 4 pm.

The park is open in all weathers but may close without notice for safety reasons during thunderstorms, storms or heavy rains. The season ends on 28th October 2018, after which the park closes until next Spring.

Woman climbing

Special activities and timings are available for school, corporate and private groups including birthdays – please contact the park directly for further details. The park requests written notification if you intend arriving as a group of 8 or more.

The following prices are extracted from those displayed on the park website (correct as of 29th May 2018):


Due to poor data connectivity in the forest, credit or debit cards are cannot be accepted, so make sure you have sufficient cash on you before heading there because no ATM is available on site.

DCF 1.0

The park sits above Traben-Trarbach on road K64 between the commercial area/airfield (“Gewerbegebeit”/“Flugplatz”) and the Landal holiday village (“Feriendorf”). If you are using a Satnav or Google Maps on your phone, look for “Mosel Adventure Forest” or “Kletterwald Mont Royal”. Alternatively look for either “Traben-Trarbach Zentrum” and then follow the signs to the Gewerbegebeit, or head out of town on Neue Straβe, keep going past the turning for “Über den Weinbergen” (don’t turn into it though!) and you will eventually reach the entrance to the park. For those of you that know how to use them, the coordinates for the park are:

Latitude 49.97432379 degrees North

Longitude 7.11429723 degrees East

Please note that there are major sewer renovations going on in Traben Trarbach during 2018, so you may experience diversions or temporary traffic signals.

All in all, Adventure Forest is a great place for both adults and kids to expend some excess energy whilst having some serious fun in the process. I can thoroughly recommend a visit.

Find out more about Adventure Forest.


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