Can’t See the Wood for the Panelling

When I first moved to Germany, one thing that really hit me the German love affair with wood panelling both real and fake.

Back home in England, nowadays the only places you are likely to see copious amounts of wood panelling is in dodgy Chinese takeaways dating from the 70s. Sure, wood effect flooring has experienced a surge in popularity but that is only because it is durable and easy to clean in these hectic times. The only other places you will see wood stuck to walls is in the smoking rooms of ancient country houses, gentlemen’s clubs or on the side of nautically themed bathtubs.

In Germany, however, the story is very different. As you can see from the two pictures of ouStairsr house, we have copious amounts both real and fake stuff. In fact, the only spaces that were spared the cladding treatment are the garage and utility room. It is simply too much.

We viewed several houses before settling on this one, and all had at least one room with wood on a wall, a ceiling or both. To be fair, all the houses needed modernising so I suppose wood panelling in Germany is the equivalent of stone cladding that adorned so many British houses during the Eighties.

Anyway, it was just an observation, and call me a hypocrite if you must but we will, in fact, be keeping some of it. The real wood stuff in the house is of very good quality and it will look great after a lick of paint. Oh, and also the Lino you see in the picture which hides real wood floors will go.

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