Impressive Ruin of Burg Balduinseck

If you are visiting the Hängeseilbrücke suspension bridge at Geierlay, it is worth swinging by Burg Balduinseck just nine kilometres away.

This impressive fortress sits in a wooded valley on a loop in road L203 between Buch and Mastershausen. Completed in the early fourteenth century, it sits in a commanding position atop a rock spur. As you enter the valley coming from the Mastershausen side, it suddenly appears in front of you and is a truly remarkable sight.

Sadly, the castle complex is a ruin now, with records showing it dilapidated as far back as the eighteenth century. However, what remains is remarkably well preserved and is now a listed monument.

The following video footage taken using a drone around the fortress gives a flavour of what is there to see:

The following computer-generated animation shows how the castle may have looked in its heyday:

It is open to the public and there is no entry charge.

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