Recipes from the Mosel – Small Vinter’s Breakfast (Kleines Winzerfrühstück)

This is a recipe I found on the German website. I am not sure what makes it different from a “Bauernfrühstück” (Farmer’s Breakfast), but it’s really tasty all the same. The streaky bacon (“Speck”) referred can be bought ready cubed or in a single piece. It is usually very fatty, very smoky but also very tasty. It may be more familiar to some by the French word “Lardons”.

Ingredients (German names of the ingredients are also shown):

  • 1 kg potatoes (“Kartoffeln”)
  • 125 g streaky bacon (“Speck”)
  • 2 peeled onions (“Zwiebeln”)
  • 3 fresh eggs (“Eier”)
  • 3 tablespoons milk (“Milch”)
  • Salt (“Salz”)
  • Freshly ground pepper (“Pfeffer”)
  • 1 bunch chives (“Schnittlauch”)
  • 1 Tomato (“Tomate”)


Peel and cook the potatoes, leave to cool and then cut into cubes. Dice the bacon and the onions and sauté in a pan until translucent. Add the potato and fry until golden. Whisk the egg with the milk and season to taste with the salt and pepper. Pour the egg mixture over the potatoes, bacon and onion mixture. Cook over a low heat, occasionally loosening the edges with a knife or spatula so that the egg evenly disperses. Once the eggs are set to your liking, service garnished with chives and tomato slices.

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