My German Learning Progress – Update

I promised a while ago to give you all an update on the intensive residential German course I did in Bavaria a couple of months ago. Apologies for not having done that yet, but I will do as soon as I can.

All I will say here is it was extremely positive and I am going back to Bavaria for six more weeks in November to the sister school to do a combination of group and private lessons (as opposed to the residential course which was totally one-to-one and super intensive).

I will do a review of both when I finally get my act together, but if you cannot wait that long, here are links to the two schools: is what I did in August and was based in the teacher’s home in Bamberg. I can thoroughly recommend this and it boosted my German considerably in two weeks. If you contact them, tell them Simon sent you! is the sister school in Bamberg and offers group and individual tuition or a combination thereof. I will be doing a six-week combined course there shortly.

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    1. Ha ha ha sorry Peter, my blog is targeted at people who do not speak German but have an interest in the Moseltal, so no posts in Deutsch I’m afraid. After the two week very intensive residential one-to-one course my German improved immensely and I can now hold conversations beyond just talking about the weather. I am hoping that the six weeks will reinforce it further to the point I will be able to look for a job based in Germany rather than one which requires me to be overseas much of the time.


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