My German Learning Progress…

I previously published a number of posts on everyone’s favourite subject – German language learning. It was my intention to embark on a combination of systematic and diligent self-study coupled with using various apps and other types of software to support my efforts. Here is an update on my progress…

I am sitting here hanging my head in shame, cap in hand as my progress has been, well, zero. I don’t have any plausible excuses either. Sure, I changed job and moved home a couple of times, plus a few other unfortunate events got in the way, but the painful truth is I could have done much more and I should have ignored the urge to perpetually put off until “tomorrow” what I really could have been doing every day. Sorry.

So, to repent my sins, instead of doing six Hail Marys I am taking myself out of off to Bavaria for a fortnight long super intensive course. There I will live with my teacher and her family for the whole time, and each day I will basically have one on one tuition from dawn to dusk. In fact, the Lehrerin promises me I’ll be totally immersed in the language to the point where I turn blue in the face. Hmmm, can’t wait.

The method in my madness is to build on what I already know and increase my confidence to actually use it. I hope to improve my shockingly bad grammar so that I can correctly stitch together my vocabulary repertoire which is actually pretty good. I still have light years before I am anywhere near fluent, but I see this as a step in the right direction and I hope it gives my self motivation a kick up the backside at the same time.

I will give an update on how the course went along with full details of the school once I have finished it should anyone else be thinking of doing something similar.

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      1. Well, old boy, don’t forget your native language. Pub Evening with two other English people on Friday, September 9, Usual place – und da wird kein Deutsch gesprochen! (… oder nur sehr wenig). 🙂


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