Messing Around On The Mosel

If you fancy seeing the river from a different angle, why not try canoeing or kayaking?


A few weeks back we packed my son and his cousin off on a “tour” run by Mosel Kanu Tours¬†who have several stations along the middle part of the river and offer several options for getting you afloat. You can either rent a vessel and make your own arrangements to get it back to the starting point, or if you do the tour, they transport you and all your kit back at a pre-determined time. It s not a tour in the real sense though, and don’t expect to be accompanied by an instructor or tour guide – you make your own way downstream and at your own pace so you can make up your own itinerary as you go along.

Buoyancy aids are provided as is a floating waterproof container to stop you losing your keys, phone, sun cream and the like  overboard. Liability insurance is also included in the price. There is a choice of boats available, namely kayaks, Canadian canoes and those stand up board things that seem to be the rage now. The kayaks can accommodate one or two paddlers and the canoes three and four.

For more information, click here. Incidentally, they also do bicycle hire.

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