Post Brexit Fallout

So, the UK has – rightly or wrongly – voted to leave the European Union and now the dust is starting to settle a bit it is looking highly probable that the new Prime Minister, Theresa May, and her cabinet will honour that vote and formally instigate the exit.

I myself had hoped the vote would go the other way, but equally I felt the EU needed a bit of a kick up the backside in a few areas. However, we are where we are and it now remains to be seen what the UK and the EU manage to agree on. My initial concerns centered around the right of EU citizens to live and work in other EU states, but I suppose at the end of the day other non-EU nationals manage to come and settle in Germany so it s by the end of the world I suppose.

If you are a UK national living in Germany, what are your thoughts and concerns on it all? And what about non-EU nationals living in Germany – is it difficult to actually come here and settle? Any comments would be welcome, and I moderate them before they are published so please just mention if you don’t want me to put your comment public.

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