Inconsiderate Parking

How about that for some inconsiderate parking?

The owner of the car in the picture parked slap bang in the middle of our house, not only blocking our front door but also taking up two parking spaces.

When we located the offender, he had the audacity to argue that as it was a public street he was perfectly within his rights to park there, and he clearly did not give a toss that we could barely get through our front door, and getting suitcases in was actually impossible (although we could have done so whilst denting his car door in the process). After much nagging, he moved it whilst complaining that we were only doing it so we could take “his” parking place. The pillock even had trouble getting into the car as it was that close to the building. As the Germans would say: “Arschloch”!

So, for anyone visiting the towns and villages along the river, please have some consideration for others and park sensibly so as not to block doors. The guy blocking ours got away lightly as next time we will just be calling the police.

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