Should Britain Leave The European Union?

The “Brexit” referendum is almost upon us and there are loads of polls already gauging public opinion, so I thought it would be interesting to do my own.

This referendum will have far reaching impacts both directly and indirectly on countless people, and nobody can really predict in advance what those impacts will be. I personally am rather angry that as a Brit having lived overseas for a number of years, I am not entitled to cast my vote despite the fact an exit would probably affect me  more than most voters who do get the right to participate.

Let’s just hope all those who are eligible to vote do so wisely…

3 thoughts on “Should Britain Leave The European Union?

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  1. Not being a Brit, I won’t cast a vote. I’ve always been interested in how the UK has kept a foot in and a foot out of the EU, which has seemed like a pretty good deal to me. I’m watching this developing situation with absolute fascination. . .and wondering about the repercussions if the UK does pull out.


  2. There is a mass campaign by the U.K. Government to remain in the E.U. Indeed they have spent £9m on sending a booklet to every household – mine arrived today!

    Most younger people appear to be more in favour of remaining in the E.U. whereas older people seem to want to leave. Generally speaking more older people tend to vote than youngsters, so I believe the vote will be very tight, whichever way the great and the good decide.

    I was not aware that Brits living abroad were not entitled to vote, but interestingly I was told that Republic of Ireland nationals living in the U.K. can vote, (I believe this is a hangover from pre 1921 days when the whole of Ireland was part of the U.K. – other E.U. nationals can not vote)

    I believe most Brits (like me!) get extremely frustrated with the seeming lack of common sense reforms vital within the European Parliament, Commission and with the Common Agricultural Policy etc. and the fact we always appear to be alone in the wilderness, when trying to push for reform. I suppose some of it comes down to the British Island race mentality and not actually being physically joined to Europe, which I suspect other European peoples do not really fully understand.

    I wonder how Brits would feel about the E.U. today if the French (particularly De Gaulle) hadn’t repeatedly blocked U.K. applications to join throughout the 1960’s

    If we remain perhaps it will be time for the right wing papers in the U.K. play their part in not demonising the E.U.

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    1. From my understanding, Brits living abroad can vote depending on when they left. I am not sure of the full rules on it, but I know that I myself am time barred. With things like the General elections, it does not bother me so much as I am so out of touch with UK politics, but with the EU Referendum potentially impacting on me directly I feel I should have a say. Ah well, let’s see…!


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