Cruising Down The River

I was just going through my photos and I found this picture which I took from the Collisturm above Zell and it got me thinking….

As much as I love all things boating, having done a bit of sailing and power boating in the past, sea cruises never appealed to me no matter how luxurious they are. The thought of being stuck on a massive ship for days on end and only getting a few hours free time at each port is not my idea of a holiday. And whilst fans of such trips will argue that these cruise liners have great facilities, I really cannot see the point of being confined to a boat to use a swimming pool, watch a movie in a cinema or go to a bar!

In contrast, the idea of a few days on one of the hotel barges that cruise up and down the Mosel and Rhine does interest me. The feeling of tranquility and relaxation coupled with a constantly changing backdrop ticks all the right boxes, and I like the fact that each day there is a new town or city to explore. Maybe next year….

Have any of you take a river cruise before? If so, how was it?

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