Messing About on the River

Now, this is something I really want to try this year with my son. I can imagine it is a superb way of seeing things from a new perspective, although coming up against one of the huge barges must be pretty humbling!

Has anyone tried canoeing or kayaking on the Mosel? Any advice for a total beginner would be welcomed.

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  1. I’ve done two canoe trips on the Mosel both in Canadian canoes. It’s a fantastic way of seeing the river and the scenery around it.

    I’d really recommend it t- he big barges are slightly intimidating but really nothing to be worried about. The first trip we did was from traben trarbach to buley and return on the train. It was great – I had my inlaws over who are in their 70s and coped with the distance! Great day out!

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    1. Ah cool. I am thinking of buying one as I can keep it in the cellar and we are within walking distance of the river. Saying that, there are plenty of places nearby that rent them.


      1. Would love to know how this goes! I have a holiday home in a small town just behind Traben-Trarbach so a Kayak in the celler is a great idea to really see the area I think!
        Any idea how locks (there’s one in Reil if I remember!) work for someone in a small kayak?


      2. We have not gotten round to doing it on the river yet, but we did do a sea kayak tour in Spain. That was hard work but fun.

        I suspect the river kayaking would be easier as you don’t have tides and waves to contend with. It puts a fair strain on your back though, so I think it would be best to do build up gradually before going on any long excursions.

        With respect to locks, I would have thought you’d have to lift the kayak out and walk around – I would be scared witless going into one of those in anything other than a barge!


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