Netflix Shrinks The World – Update

Well, it has been knocking on two months since I subscribed to Netflix and my affair with it has been “so-so”.

As I stated in my previous postings, at first glance there appears to be plenty of content to keep everyone happy. I have to admit though, I am a bit difficult to please as I am not a big fan of movies – I much prefer a good drama series or an interesting documentary, but even then I am a tad fussy.

However, after an initial flurry of watching everything that had obvious appeal to me, it is getting harder and harder to find something worth watching. That is not so much of a criticism of the available content, it is more by virtue of the fact that very little new stuff has been added since I subscribed.

Anyway, I am going to give it a few more months and will report back as to whether or not I decide to continue with the subscription. A friend did advise me to try Amazon Prime which she said is also a subscription based service with greater content plus the added bonus of free delivery on Amazon goods – sounds very cost effective for an avid Amazon shopper like me.

Like I said, I will keep you updated but in the meantime I would be pleased to hear other people’s experiences on these or any other packages that are available.

2 thoughts on “Netflix Shrinks The World – Update

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  1. Curzon home cinema is really very good, if you like art house stuff. Not sure if it functions in Germany though! I struggle to find sites with enough German language films, which is annoying.


    1. Thanks for that James. I have not heard of Curzon but I will defintiely check them out. I actually find quite a lot of stuff on Youtube, but only after a lot of searching.


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