Now For Something Rather Cheesy

Great news peeps – the British Cheese Emporium has now re-opened its online shop, bringing the finest cheeses the British Isles has to offer right to your door.

I was really sad when they suspended operations previously as they were very unique in the service they offered and very professional too. They had a superb, continually changing selection of artisan cheeses from around the UK, many of which I never knew existed but I was never disappointed. And not forgetting an impressive selection of biscuits (forget Cream Crackers and Tuc, we are talking quality nibbles here) and accessories to serve the cheese with the elegance it deserves. I am very confident the range and service offered by the re-opened webshop will be first class just as it was before.

If you are put off by the thought of mail order cheese, please don’t be. It comes carefully wrapped in wax paper as in the olden days (none of that sweaty cling wrapped stuff like you get in the supermarket), the parcel is properly insulated and delivery is super-fast so your cheese will arrive in pristine condition. They also include advice on how to store and serve your cheese – it seems eating it straight from the fridge is an unforgivable sin which will stop you reaching heaven. In my house, good cheese never gets chance to see the inside of a fridge anyway.

So, what better to serve with a nice glass of the local plonk than with a tasty hunk or two of superb cheese ripened to perfection? The perfect marriage of German and British!

Check out their website and sign up for the newsletter here to be informed of what cheeses are currently available, what is in the pipeline and last delivery dates for Christmas.



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