Netflix Shrinks The World – I Subscribed!

Recently I did a post about internet TV and movie service Netflix’s entry into the German market, Well, last week I took the plunge and signed up.

They are currently running an offer where you get a trial month for free after which your subscription plan kicks in. Payment after the trial period is monthly, although you can cancel your subscription at any time without having to worry about fulfilling the remainder of the year as is often the case with contracts offered by some other internet or satellite a TV providers.

I enrolled through my Apple TV so my iTunes account is where the payment goes from, but there are other options available if you enroll through their website. There are three plans available as far as I can see, and the only difference between them is the number of devices that can use the account at a time. I am paying £6.99 a month (Sterling Pounds as my iTunes account is in the UK) which allows me to use it on two devices – in my case the household Apple TV and my iPad which is great when I am abroad.

There is a good choice of movies, documentaries and TV series available and it seems to give me both German and English ones. Many are available with multi-language and subtitle options which on the Apple TV is selected by pressing and holding the big round button on the Apple remote controller – perfect. So far, I have found plenty to watch, and whilst it does not have the very latest Hollywood blockbusters, there is more than enough to keep me quiet for hours. You can also set up profiles for each member of your family where their favourite programmes and preferences can be stored which is handy.

Since subscribing, I have been talking to other people about their experiences of Netflix and I have to say opinions do seem to be mixed. The biggest complaint is that the choice is not refreshed often enough, although for me that will not be a problem for a while to come. I will do further updates in the future and would be happy to get feedback from others on their experiences with it.

2 thoughts on “Netflix Shrinks The World – I Subscribed!

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    1. I have had mixed reports from readers. I am happy with it so far but I am not a big TV watcher anyway and it has enough to keep me occupied. I just hope they update things regularly. I am told Amazon Prime is very good also.


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