Adrenalin Rush At The Nürburgring

As much as I love the peace and tranquility offered in most parts of the valley, there are times I fancy doing something crazy. Of course, the river offers plenty of scope for thrill junkies from water skiing to being dragged behind a boat at high speed on an inflatable sausage. Sadly, those things have limited appeal to people like me who were not blessed with water wings from an early age.

I was therefore more than happy to discover that there is a way to get adrenalin gushing through ones’ veins without having to get a dunking – by taking your own car or motorbike for an epic blast around the “Nordschleife” (or “North Loop” in English) or the Grand Prix circuit of the world famous Nürburgring, which is a mere 45Km from Cochem.

Believe it or not, one lap only costs €27, whilst €100 will get you four laps around this legendary stretch of tarmac – not bad all all to do something most people only ever dream of and very few actually do. For me, it really is one of those “things to do before you die” experiences. But just be careful doing it otherwise it could be the last thing you do before you die!

And that’s not all, Nürburgring offers a variety of other activities such as karting, racing driver training, co-pilot rides and off road experiences as well as the regular calendar or races. For more details, click here to go to their website (in English).



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