Getting to the Mosel Valley

The great thing about the Mosel valley is its accessibility. It is located close to the borders with Belgium and Luxembourg and the Netherlands is not much further either. That means getting here from those countries is a breeze, and for those driving from the United Kingdom, the French and Dutch ferry ports in France are only around three to four hours away which is not bad at all.

Europe is also served by an excellent rail network and the railway follows the river for some of its length, making it possible to reach most Mosel destinations by train via Koblenz or Trier. Buses then connect the towns served by trains with some of the other outlying towns and villages. At night there is often a “Taxi Bus” service which is an on-demand bus service following a preset route and timetable. The advantage of this service is it costs the same as a regular night bus so is cheaper than a taxi, although it picks up at normal bus stops.

For those travelling from further afield, Frankfurt Hahn airport is very close by (about thirty minutes or so from Cochem or Zell by bus) and offers cheap flight options to the United Kingdom and elsewhere in Europe and Turkey through several operators. Transatlantic and other international flights generally land in Frankfurt International Airport which is a little further away but has the advantage of its own railway station. Many airlines offer a ‘rail and fly’ option which is usually cheaper than booking separate flight and train tickets. Other nearby airports are Cologne-Bonn and Luxembourg.

With such great connections, there really is no reason not to visit!

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